Newsr gives you a tablet-centric way to casually read your Google Reader RSS feeds. Newsr is optimized for the Honeycomb experience on Xoom and is only available on Android tablets running Honeycomb. Newsr stays in sync with your Google Reader account so you'll never read the same news twice!

    Features of Newsr:

    -- Enjoy unique user experience that was designed to take advantage of the tablet.

    -- Stay in sync with Google Reader, so you'll never read the same article twice.

    -- Organize your articles by feed or label, and set a default for future use.

    -- A live view of unread articles by feed or label, each view sorted alphabetically.

    -- Two-touch sharing of articles via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and more.

    -- Newsr marks articles as read with Google's server as you read them in the app, seamlessly.

    -- A simple and visual way to star/unstar and mark as read or unread an article.

    -- Swipe on the article detail fragment to flip between articles.

    -- A portrait view for an article. While viewing an article, turn your device to portrait to get a book-like experience for reading an article.

    -- Take full advantage of your feeds by viewing Flash video content directly in Newsr.

    -- A thoughtful way of navigating your articles, often without moving your hands.

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