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    Published: 2015-06-09, by .

    Find out the hard facts behind politicians' statements and quiz your own knowledge of the political truth in the United States

    • Non-partisan truth
    • Clever idea to involve more people with politics
    • Unexpected video links
    • Hulu only works in the US
    • A few design bugs

    "I'll take Truthiness for 500, Alex"


    Settle It! is a clever stab at engaging we common folk in the search for truth in politics. It compiles recent quips from US politicians and then evaluates each based on the real facts. Way more are mostly or totally false than you should probably be comfortable with. There's a game aspect that changes daily wherein you guess whether five statements are true or false, rising in the Truthiness ranks over time. A few design issues keep it from being truly engaging, but the seed of an idea will appeal to anyone looking to know more about the world of politics.


    It's a totally non-partisan app, evaluating statements from politicians from all over the map regardless of party affiliation.


    Many links lead to a video pop-up in your browser of the politician in context, which 1) isn't nice without warning, especially if you're not on wi-fi, and 2) is based in Hulu, which isn't available outside of the US. I encountered some design issues where the text fell off the page, rendering it unreadable.

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    Jun 09, 2015


    Settle It! PolitiFact's Argument Ender

    Resolve political arguments at the dinner table, check the facts in campaign ads and test your knowledge of the Truth-O-Meter with PolitiFact's new Settle It! app.

    Do you ever find yourself at the dinner table beside someone who seems to have the facts wrong? Do you wonder about the truth of campaign ads you see on on TV?

    Try Settle It! - PolitiFact's Argument Ender, a free app that lets you to look up Truth-O-Meter fact-checks from, the Pulitzer Prize-winning website.

    - Find fact-checks by searching name, keywords and subject
    - Browse Truth-O-Meter ratings by person and subject
    - Share your findings by email, Facebook and Twitter
    - Take the PolitiFact Challenge and test your knowledge of the Truth-O-Meter

    PolitiFact is a venture of the Tampa Bay Times and its partner news organizations. For more information on PolitiFact, go to:

    Please send feedback and suggestions to Politifact Mobile Support at

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    Jacob Gilchrist

    by Jacob Gilchrist

    Jun 20, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Highly innacurate at times. How is anyone supposed to know which facts are "pants on fire" instead of just false?

    Sman Yanola

    by Sman Yanola

    Apr 15, 2016  |  "Great"


    Ed Isenberg

    by Ed Isenberg

    Apr 08, 2016  |  "Good"

    Despite their statement that they fixed the problems with the back button this & other bugs permeate this otherwise excellent app. A 2nd problem is that the text may say a claim is mostly true, but their "truth-meter" will say it's half-true (e.g., minimum wage: economy always does better under Democratic presidents.) If and when they do get it working, it promises to be a valuable tool to evaluate political claims, rumors, myths, beliefs & truisms.

    Vincent Lechner

    by Vincent Lechner

    Sep 27, 2015  |  "Poor"

    Had app on my notebook for less than five minutes I checked out trending it shows me the fact on the first statement I pick but never the second I tried six times I don't know why nor do I care App deleted

    Megan Shagbark

    by Megan Shagbark

    Dec 31, 2014  |  "Good"

    I use this app alot. I would appreciate more diverse content--speakers, subjects, and controversies. A recent search on Ferguson yielded nothing, and a search about Fox News did not give much info either.

    Scott Howard

    by Scott Howard

    Sep 24, 2014  |  "OK"

    I regretfully can only give this app 2 stars for content. I had hoped for an honest evaluation of statements made in the political arena, but if Politifact is to be believed, almost everything a Republican or conservative says has some element of un truthfulness to it. Politifact was not nearly as tough on the other side of the spectrum. For example, they rated a statement by Ted Cruz on Global W