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    Keep up with the latest public policy research and analysis from the RAND Corporation. Our app puts RAND blog posts, research findings, multimedia, and experts at your fingertips in a streamlined, easy-to-use format.

    The free Android app features:

    * Latest Blog Posts
    Read RAND commentary and analysis on trending news and events.

    * Research by Topic
    Explore the breadth and depth of RAND research, organized by topic. RAND's 20,000+ reports are available as free downloads and accessible through the app's seamless integration with the mobile website.

    * Multimedia
    Stream RAND audio and video while on the go.

    * Find a RAND Expert
    Browse more than 300 research professionals employed by RAND. These researchers are available for comment to policymakers, journalists, and public officials.

    * Share over Twitter, Facebook, email, and more.

    Download the RAND Corporation app now to get the latest in objective analysis and effective solutions.

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