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    Steve Sanchez is an Entrepreneur, Money Guy, Author and Radio Personality.

    For over 20 years Steve has counseled thousands, both face to face and through his radio show, in the areas of money, culture and politics - all from a cutting edge Christian perspective. He is rated in the Top 1% of Financial Advisors according to the Million Dollar Round Table. His cutting edge no-nonsense approach to money and the world achieved him the prestigious: 2008 Who's Who in America distinguishment.

    He has been featured as a guest on many television shows for his expertise and has written many financial articles for affluent magazines such as Lavish Lifestyle and the "A" magazine respectively.

    Steve is currently finishing writing a book regarding money and debt and continues to speak nationally through seminars and workshops on these very topics. He educates America on new business opportunities for the 21st Century.

    Steve is also heavily involved in ministry and is the co-founder of Steve Sanchez Ministries with his wife Marie. This ministry helps marriages and families from divorce and division. They also are heavily engaged in mentoring young people and helping them understand and take back the culture and the morals that have left us. As Steve puts it, this is not your ordinary ministry that sits around the campfire singing "KUMBYA". We want to utilize media as a way to relate to young America and help them have a voice. Media and the arts can and will do that. Steve brings you Real, Raw, Relevant truth that most Pastors at the Pulpit will not speak.

    Regardless of the venue, Steve never fails to provide an encouraging word or a quick witted antidote. Steve has sat on many financial boards for mega churches including Church for the Nations and Crossroads Nazarene, respectively.

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