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    Supareada is a simple, easy to use blog and RSS feed reader. Subscribe to your favourite RSS feed which can include anything from:
    - blogs
    - google news categories
    - news sites
    - webcomics
    - magazines
    - craigslist categories
    - eBay listings

    Stay up to date from one place with this simple feed reader. Supareada lets you easily customise your list of RSS feeds; simply add the URL of a feed and the app will automatically pull the latest posts from that site or blog. The app will also keep you up to date pulling posts from each blog you follow every time you open the app.

    We know many of you like to share what you've been reading with your friends and social circles. To this end we've added sharing options to each post allowing you to quickly open up conversations about any topic on any social media application you have installed. This will not just share the link to the post but also the title and the best available image.

    Now that Google Reader is gone, Supareada is here to offer a replacement feed reader with a strong focus on simplicity and privacy. Unlike Google Reader, Supareada requires no account and no personal information is stored! Unlike other feed readers, we also make sure to use only the bare minimum of Android permissions.

    - show/hide images
    - show/hide timestamp
    - shortened vs full blog posts in feed
    - on/off auto-refresh on start-up to save data

    - mark posts read/unread
    - copy url
    - sharing posts via social media
    - view full blog post in browser

    We want this RSS feed reader to be as useful to you as possible when it comes to reading your favourite blogs. While we are not actually supa-heroes we would love to hear your suggestions! Your feedback is invaluable to improving our little blog reader. You can contact us directly via the listed developer email.

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