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    For decades Americans have been aware that the government withholds pertinent information that affects their lives. While the rigors of the average workday leave Americans defenseless against government cover-ups, mass media red herrings, and corporate scandals. Alex Jones sorts through the corruption with eager devotion. He uncovers clear and decisive information that must be heard! Jones voice spreads like wildfire, developing legions of loyal listeners.

    The Alex Jones Show is three hours of intense, gripping, can't-miss radio. Every day, Alex relentlessly exposes the dirty doings of the global elite, educating his listeners and giving them motivation to take back their freedom. Alex is not your typical talk radio host. He goes beyond being non-partisan. Rather, he smashes the left/right political paradigm to pieces.

    They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but in the case of Alex Jones, the microphone is mightier than depleted uranium.

    It's time to stand up against tyranny; it's time to give the power to the people.

    This is an information war and Alex Jones intends to win!

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