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    Thank you for choosing “The Collector”

    The Collector, provides you with, a packet consisting of an important programs, together with services and news websites customized and pre-configured, to fit to the Android devices (Tablet & Mobile), no matter what is the screen size or specifications, and rotation (vertical or horizontal), and in this case we don't need a special program for every service or website, and we can find these pre-configures websites easier, because they are located at the same browse.

    The Collector also provides you with the ability to customize your own websites, and to remember it later.

    * in this version, you will find the following programs

    1- Notes program
    2- Camera (pictures and movies)
    3- Pictures viewer (with ability to share the picture)
    4- Calculator
    5- Sound recorder
    6- GPS with Google maps

    * you will find the following websites, beside Google search

    1- Yahoo news and email
    2- MSN email
    3- Facebook desktop version (with all features)
    4- Twitter
    5- BBC world News
    6- United Press International
    7- Reuters News (English version)
    8- Interfax News (English version)
    9- Europe News (English version)
    10- France Press News (English version)
    11- Xinhuanet News (English version)
    12- Deutsche Welle (DW) News (English version)
    13- Fox News
    14- USA Today News
    15- The New york Times News
    16- The Times News
    17- Wikipedia
    18- Google Translate
    19- Bygosh short Stories
    20- Youtube
    21- ESPN News
    22- Business Insider News
    23- Online Games
    24- Women's Health, beauty and lifestyle
    25- Collections of Music radios
    26- Grooveshark music hits
    27- eBay auctions website
    28- Amazon auctions website

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