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    The Sunday Indian is the only newsmagazine in the world to be published simultaneously in 14 different languages. The languages include English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Assamese, Oriya, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi & Bhojpuri. Since its launch in October 2006, it has rapidly emerged as the preferred weekly news magazine for quality conscious and discerning readers across the country. Without any doubt, it is India's favourite news magazine!

    August - 2013: Girding up their loins

    July - 2013: Angels & Demons. Like it or not, this Famous Five will count for a lot in 2014.

    June - 2013: Return of the King. By vigorously backing Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan has chosen certainty and stability over cliched rhetoric

    May - 2013: Setting the Cat among Pigeons. Regional parties have kick started the process of political realignments for 2014 much to the discomfiture of the big two

    April-2013: Whispering Death. A peep inside America’s most secret war

    March 2013: Afzal Guru’s Last Interview,

    February 2013: Hyderabad is growing, Cricket and Indian team, Political families of Tamilnadu, Jobs by, Jama Masjid of Delhi, The Cinema

    January 2013: 2012: Journeys through Anger

    December 2012: Who is Provoking Indian Muslims?

    November 2012: Exclusive from Macca Diary of a Pilgrim: Why Muslim go on Haj

    October 28 2012: Who hold the aces: Modi or Rahul?

    September 30 2012: Regulator Raj Retired civil servants with no specialisation preside as ombudsmen of key economic ministries and the results are scams, chaos and mismanagement

    September 16 2012: EXCLUSIVE FROM WASHINGTON: As Obama and Romney battle for the Presidency, the nation seems deeply divided on culture, gender, religion and identity

    September 2 2012: The Sunday Indian September 2 2012 issue Return of Riots

    August 19 2012: BLESSINGS OF RAMAZAN

    August 05 2012: Nitish & Mulayam in Next PM race?

    June 24 2012: An in-depth TSI investigation reveals India’s shabby treatment of its dead and wounded army men in the four wars since 1962

    June 10 2012: Hajj subsidy issue and also many other issues ralted to Hajj.

    May 27 2012: A TSI expose reveals how ridiculously easy it is for terrorists to change mobile phones and identities.

    May 13 2012: Shariat to refuse Direct Taxes Code Bill, marriage registration and Compulsory Education Bill if amendments are not made in them.

    Apr 29 2012: Why Manmohan Singh would be foolhardy to trust Pakistan’s ruling establishment...

    April 15 2012: India's Best fallback Colleges. A tsi guide to the most viable options available for the non-90% students

    April 01 2012: Post 2012 elections, strategies for 2014 are already being made. A report on how Rahul's failure is creating problem in the party. Report on how Qureshi managed to increase voters' turnout in UP, Punjab, Manipur, Goa and Uttarakhand elections

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