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    This is an online UK e-paper and live news application with ads. Users can read TOP 44+ UK News and English daily newspapers with a single touch – NO TYPING REQUIRED! In addition to that user can read live news from various channels. Some of the newspapers made available to you are

     The Sun
     Daily Mail
     Mirror
     Standard
     Telegraph
     Express
     Daily Star
     The Times
     The Independent
     BBC
     BBC UK
     Financial Times
     Daily Record
     The Gaurdian
     The Sunday Times
     First news
     Oxford Times
     Costa News
     London Mercury
     Sunday Express
     Express And Star
     Liverpool Echo
     The Guardian Weekly
     Many more...
    Main Features:
    • News can be read by one touch.
    • Live news flash display on main screen.
    • User can read both UK National and State news.
    • User can add their own choice of newspapers.
    • User can save the news highlights in favorites to read later.
    • User has complete control on settings.
    • User can share the news in their Facebook timeline or Google plus or in any other social media services.
    • No additional permission is required to use this application.
    • Easy to TOGGLE between UK News and UK Live news.
    • Internet outage icon display.
    • And many more other exciting features..

    Paper titles are in English language for a complete native newspaper reading experience.

    Important Note: This application is compatible only with the devices that supports English font.
    This application has Google Analytics, which helps us to improve the application further. By downloading this app, you are agreeing to allow the app to collect usage information.

    Your comments, suggestions and concerns are welcome.

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