US Navy Air Power Special

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    US Navy Airpower Special Magazine - US Navy Operations Worldwide

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    Wherever there has been trouble in the world, from the ongoing ‘War on Terror’ to face-offs against rogue nations seeking nuclear ambitions, the carriers of the US Navy have never been far off the coast, or far from the headlines. US Navy Airpower is a 100-page special dedicated to the US Navy’s air operations from around the world.

    Features include:

    • Carrier Air Wing Review – Tony Holmes reviews the last 12 months of operations by the US Navy’s Carrier Air Wings
    • Florida Welcomes Texans – Greg L Davis reports from Florida on how the US Navy is training its pilots amidst an ever-shrinking defence budget
    • Land Based US Navy – The US Navy’s air stations and facilities located around the world that support the ocean going fleet
    • Anti-Piracy Operations – Commander Carlos Sardiello recalls how the 50-year-old P-3 Orion is taking the fight to Somali pirates
    • Battle of Basra – How VFA-37 found itself in the thick of the fight against Shi’a militias
    • Naval Air Force Atlantic – A two-part Carrier Air Wing breakdown looks at what the US Navy’s Atlantic air wings have been up to.

    And much, much more!

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