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    *** Finalist for “Best Mobile Media & Publishing App” in the 2015 GSMA Global Mobile Awards and in 2014 for “Best Mobile Publishing Product,” as well as the Appy Awards "Best Multicultural App" and “Best Mobile Service” in the Meffy Awards! ***

    The free, *official* Voice of America (VOA) mobile / tablet application serves news to your Android smartphone or tablet in 44 languages. VOA operates one of the world's largest international news media networks on TV, radio and digital properties with a total weekly audience of more than 200 million people in countries including Africa, The Middle East, Asia and beyond. To do this, VOA employs more than 3,500 journalists around the world, focused on countries without a free or established press or free and open internet access.

    The news application features:

    * Customization for more than 40 international languages and dialects from Farsi to Vietnamese
    * Enjoy photos, video, audio and text content, including background streaming of audio content
    * Integrated proxy available in the settings to get around Internet blocking
    * Breaking news push notifications
    * Hear radio podcasts on demand
    * Save download time and data costs with the Low-Bandwidth Mode in the settings
    * Download stories, videos, and photos for offline reading, watching, and listening
    * Customizable navigation items and order
    * Stream multimedia over Chromecast on your TV
    * Offline-downloading and saving of news content for later enjoyment
    * Share your favorite stories, videos, and photos via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+
    * Social media sharing of content on Facebook, Twitter, email and other platforms
    * Customizable Android Home Screen Widget
    * Directly send your photo, video, audio and text news reports to VOA

    = Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting Issues =

    Having problems with using the App proxy?
    Enable the Psiphon proxy in the settings of the VOA app. Make sure you have the latest version of the application installed on your device.

    Having problems with the App loading slowly?
    1- Check to make sure you are on a fast, stable connection (WiFi, ideally).
    2- If that doesn't work, open the application settings and check the box for "Low Bandwidth Support."

    What languages and VOA services does the app support?

    All of these:

    VOA News (English)
    VOA Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)
    صدای آمريکا (Persian)
    Voz de América (Spanish)
    አማርኛ (Amharic)
    VOA Somali (Somali)
    ဗီြအိုေအ ျမန္မာဌာန (Burmese)
    VOA Tigrigna (Tigrigna)
    VOA - Голос Америки (на русском) (Russian)
    VOA 뉴스 (Korean)
    វីអូអេ (Khmer)
    VOA Indonesia (Indonesian)
    ཨ་རིའི་རླུང་འཕྲིན། བོད་སྐད། (Tibetan)
    美国之音中文 (Mandarin)
    وائس آف امریکہ اردو (Urdu)
    صدای امریکا (Dari)
    د امریکا غږ اشنا (Pashto)
    VOA Hausa (Hausa)
    VOA Afaan Oromoo (Afaan Oromoo)
    Amerika'nın Sesi (Turkish)
    VOA - Голос Америки (українською) (Ukrainian)
    วีโอเอไทย (Thai)
    VOA Português (Portuguese)
    La Voix de l'Amérique (French)
    ده‌نگی ئه‌مه‌ریکا (Kurdish)
    美國之音粵語 (Cantonese)
    Amerika Ovozi ( Uzbek)
    ວີ​ໂອ​ເອ (Lao)
    Studio 7 (English)
    Dengê Amerîka (Kurdi)
    Гласот на Америка (Macedonian)
    Radiyoyacu VOA (Kirundi/Kinyarwanda)
    Amerikanın Səsi (Azerbaijani/Azeri)
    وي اوای ډیوه (Pashto to Pakistan)
    Glas Amerike (Serbian)
    VOA Swahili (Swahili)
    ভয়েস অফ আমেরিকা বাংলা (Bangla)
    Glas Amerike (BiH) (Bosnian)
    ამერიკის ხმა (Georgian)
    Ամերիկայի Ձայն (Armenian)
    Studio 7 Shona (Shona)
    Zëri i Amerikës (Albanian)
    Studio 7 Ndebele (Ndebele)
    Lavwadlamerik (Creole)

    Still having problems?
    We are here to help. Please contact us at Be sure to include the device description (example: Samsung S3) and operating system (example: 4.3) as well as a brief description of the issue.

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    Feb 14, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    I loved to listen through this app.

    David Essien

    by David Essien

    Feb 13, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Great app Up to date and informative

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Feb 11, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    I love the up-to-date news items. It kept me well informed. Great job guys.

    Meena's Kingdom

    by Meena's Kingdom

    Feb 09, 2018  |  "Awesome"


    shahbaz hassan

    by shahbaz hassan

    Feb 07, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Well Great Effort Appreciate it...

    ragab mohsen

    by ragab mohsen

    Feb 07, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    It's very useful for me . Nice app .