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    Yoshta Crochet Digest_Nov 2012

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    You just LOVE all hand-made? Fond of jewelry? Welcome to the insanely beautiful fragile world of crocheting with Yoshta! New issue of the Yoshta Crochet Digest discovers one-of-a-kind crocheted necklace appearing magically from the tip of your hook!

    You are about to download the third issue of the Yoshta Crochet Digest for November 2012 now. We hear your requests for more master-classes so this one contains more different elements than the previous ones. At the same time, Yoshta’a master-class does not dictate you a pattern, it allows creating perfect crocheting of any shape and size YOU want! At the end, you will learn how create different decorative elements to be combined into a gorgeous crocheted necklace. Or broche. Or hair clip. Or decoration for a jumper, bag, skirt... Please continue the list by yourself! :)
    Create Enjoyable with Yoshta and Kynitex!

    Key features
    - Unique master-class from a very well-known and highly respected crochet artist Yoshta for your smartphone and tablet!
    - Third issue of the Yoshta Crochet Digest - interactive e-magazine about crocheting by a talented crochet master.
    - Learn how to create a lovely peace of art with the help of your phone or tablet! Now you will never lose the guidelines with this smart little app.
    - Beautiful illustrations accompanied by explanatory texts will guide you step by step through the art process of creating a freeform crocheted floral necklace.
    - Thumb through the pages by simply sliding them or touching the next button.
    - Choose En-Ru language and start creating right away!
    - A tip for you: Yoshta crocheted beads with the hook number 1, 3. Yarn: cotton, mélange. Attention - the yarn for flowers should be twice as thin as the yarn for the leaves.
    And do not forget to match the hook number with the chosen yarn.

    Freeform crochet (also called scrumbling) is exactly what it sounds like. You make pieces of crochet of any shape or size and put them all together into one piece. This can be planned or unplanned. As a result, you create absolutely unique peace of art with your own hands! Want to learn how? That’s a piece of cake for Yoshta to teach you!

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