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    YourTimes, the only iPad and Android Tablet digital newspaper application that lets YOU decide what’s news, where you want to get it, and how you want to see it. It’s the newspaper you’ve always wanted, featuring:

    Customizable Sections: Unlimited news categories are available for YOU to decide what goes in your paper, whether it’s Business, National News, Politics, Sports, or Blogs. You categorize it however you want.

    Your Sources: Search for your sources, get news ideas by searching for topics like “Food Blogs,” or input your specific source links.

    Fast Article Access: YourTimes brings you full articles fast, getting you to the news you want with one click and fast load times.

    More content on the front page: Tired of looking at tiles and clicking several times to see content? YourTimes lets you see headlines, read articles, and scroll through categories and stories without ever leaving your homepage.

    I’ll Decide: Want more information or a different perspective on a story? Use the I’ll Decide feature to automatically browse the web for related stories so you can truly decide where you stand on today’s big issues.

    QueueIt: Don’t have time to read it now? Getting on a plane without access to the web? Simply QueueIt, and read it later–on or offline. (ON FULL VERSION ONLY)

    ShareIt: Love an article and want your friends to see it? You can share it via Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

    Instapaper: If you’ve got an Instapaper account, you can send any article you’re reading to your account, and view it later on your computer or other supported device. (ON FULL VERSION ONLY)

    Videos: YourTimes lets you view supported videos embedded in your news, so you’ll always have the latest information on current events or the hottest videos of the day.

    Social Networks: YourTimes connects seamlessly with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can see what your friends and fellow tweeters are sharing. And, you can fully utilize each platform’s functionality, too.

    YourPrivacy: Unlike other applications that monitor and use what you’re tweeting, posting on Facebook, or emailing, YourTimes respects your privacy and does not save, share, or keep track of your social media activity or what you’re reading.

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