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    Agenda 25 (with Arabic support for non-Arabic enabled devices), brings to your phone all the news that you need and are within your interests from all major and credible sources. Your news will always be ready at your fingertips. Because you are unique, no two Agenda25 profiles are the same.

    Agenda 25 features:

    - Egyptian news aggregator: Aggregates Egyptian political content, news, opinion articles, blogs, videos, twitter and Facebook feeds and delivers your personalized news at your fingertips.
    - Arabic support: for non-Arabic enabled devices.
    - Personalization: no two Agenda25 users are alike. Your Agenda25 gets to know you better and better over time. Agenda25 personalizes sorts and represents content based on your content consumption pattern and preferences.
    - Caching: content pre-fetched on your phone to be always available, even when you are offline.
    - Smart: machine learning magic to learn your preferences and interests through the articles you read. Agenda25 applies automated pre-fetching of content over Wi-Fi and/or 3G networks.
    - Saving: Agenda25 will not increase your 3G bill by fetching content over Wi-Fi networks.
    - Political Awareness: introducing the user to Egypt's political definitions, presidential candidates, and political parties related to Egyptian's articles, news and parliament elections.

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