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    Find out first with Breaking News, the fastest and easiest way to know what’s happening.

    10 million people rely on our social media coverage, and now with our free app you can:
    • Get lightning-fast updates from news sources around the globe
    • Set custom news alerts with a tap of your finger
    • Mute stories you don't want on the fly
    • Save topics for later viewing
    • Get reliable coverage from the same editors that power @breakingnews
    • See verified eyewitness photos and videos from breaking events
    • See where the news is happening on a map (on supported devices)
    • Get updates up front in a home screen widget (on supported devices)
    • Share when a story surprises you by tapping the 'Whoa!' button
    • Alert your friends over Twitter, Facebook, text and email
    • Set a quiet time to avoid push notifications while you're sleeping
    • Do everything with no registration required

    If you have any issues or suggestions, you can reach us by email at, or by filling out our contact form at

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