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    Collectively Cake is a monthly magazine designed to capture the joy and fun of cake. Budding cake decorators can feel like professionals as they follow along with our step by step tutorials to create beautifully designed cakes. Each month we will be covering a different cake theme such as kids birthday cakes, cupcakes, wedding cakes, cake pops, Christmas cakes and many other types of special occasion cakes.

    In each issue we will include an editorial capturing the spirit and occasion for the type of cake, cake design ideas, cake-making tutorials with cake photos, a cake making video and feature the cake story of one or more of our subscribers or contributers.

    There is so much cake decorating information available on the internet, in magazines, books and on television it is easy for home cake enthusiasts to get overwhelmed. Our publication is designed with the reader in mind. The aim is not only that you read the beautiful articles but you are challenged and inspired to follow along and make these cakes at home. We provide articles for both beginner cake decorators and more experienced cake decorators so you can continually improve your cake skills.

    We also provide additional cake design ideas so when you are confident you have mastered the cake basics you can come up with your own cake designs.

    Once you have made your own cakes we would love you to share them with us. Send them in and we will feature the best cakes in future editions of our magazine.

    Collectively Cake is a digital only magazine. It is not available in print.

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