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    ***** PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING: This is the beta version of Flow Reader, and as such there are missing/broken features and bugs left to fix. Please use the "Email Developer" option below to report any bugs you find. *****

    *** NOTE: Google has announced that the Google Reader service will be shut down on July 1st. I'll be looking closely at how this progresses and I'll try to figure out another provider for the feeds.***

    *** Join the discussion on and help me improve the app! ***

    Flow Reader gives you an easy way to be on par with your RSS/Google Reader feeds on the go. It was built to provide a minimalist and seamless experience for offline browsing, while delivering additional features not found in similar apps.

    Some of the main features include:
    - A sleek and fast user interface;
    - Offline item content and state caching;
    - Multiple simultaneous downloads for fast content synchronization;
    - Content filters that automatically mark as read the items you're not interested in;
    - Sort items by state (latest/unread/starred) or author;
    - Smart algorithms that remove ads and other undesirable content from items;
    - No ads.

    Version history:

    v0.9.5a (25 Mar 2013):
    - Bug fixes

    v0.9.5 (22 Mar 2013):
    - Added German translation;
    - The subscription view now displays a small snippet of the article (if space is available);
    - You can now browse the feeds while they are being downloaded;
    - An encrypted connection is now used to connect to Google's servers;
    - Other minor UI tweaks;

    v0.9.4 (24 Feb 2013):
    - Synchronization and network code completely rewritten. Synchronizing subscriptions is now a faster, lighter and more robust process;
    - Changed synchronization method. By default, all unread items are now downloaded, plus a specified number of additional read and starred items;
    - Fixed a design fault where where tags were always interpreted as labels;
    - Reduced database and application size.

    v0.9.3b (27 Jan 2013):
    - Item downloading (and processing) is now faster and requires very little memory;
    - Less storage space required (roughly ~33% less);
    - Fixed a bug where missing favicons were always downloaded during an update;
    - Improvements to article content cleanup;
    - Minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

    v0.9.3a (24 Jan 2013):
    - Lots of bug fixes;
    - Slightly reduced memory usage while downloading items.
    - Initial synchronization is now a bit faster;
    - Swiping between articles should now be smooth for devices with Android v4.1 and up.

    v0.9.3 (20 Jan 2013):
    - New feature: Dark UI theme;
    - Fixed several bugs, including one that prevented the items from being stored correctly;
    - Minor usability and UI improvements.

    v0.9.2 (5 Jan 2013):
    - Corrected some UI issues for low and high resolution devices.
    - Minor improvements and bug fixes.

    v0.9.1 (30 Dec 2012):
    - Fixed a bug that prevented the feeds from being updated successfully.
    - Implemented a crash report system.

    v0.9 (29 Dec 2012):
    - Beta initial release.

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