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    Impact Magazine November 2011

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    November 2011 edition of Impact magazine. Full contents...

    scrap metal
    Hugh Jackman swaps adamantium claws for scrapheap automatons in this latest feel-good movie. Can it teach Transformers a thing or two about rock 'n' rolling robots?

    John Bierly looks at last month’s boxing-themed release to see if it punches above its weight...

    And it’s now time for the female of the species. Ross Boyask takes us through the production process of his independent action outing.

    back in business
    Impact rounds up the latest information on the upcoming all-action-star sequel to The Expendables.

    red tears
    After the cult success of such Japanese extreme cinema as Tokyo Gore Police, Machine Girl, the Hard Revenge Milly series and much more, Impact’s Far Eastern Editor Mike Leeder takes a first look at the horror martial arts thriller Red Tears.

    Mike Leeder looks back at the original guns-and-gung-fu movie franchise.

    battlestar hatch-back
    Actor Richard Hatch talks exclusively to Impact about Battlestar Galacticas old and new and the changing face of the industry.

    in the frame
    Our old friend and writer Brandon Jerwa tells Impact all about his latest project - a documentary featuring the major players of the comics industry...

    tv: everybody do the dinosaur...?
    Terra Nova was one of the most anticipated new television series of the year. Does this time-travelling, reverse ‘Jurassic Park’ action adventure deliver the goods?

    tv: a kind of magic
    John Mosby looks at the range of new action shows appearing on schedules and the many that have more than a flavour of the supernatural and magical about them...

    Impact brings you the latest news from film releases to castings...

    asian extreme
    Calum Wadell shows some love for the genre with this rare, exclusive interview with acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle.

    2011 may have been a diabolical one for Japan, as outlined in Japanime last issue, but this month Andrez Bergen sets his sights on some of the local artistic endeavours that have played the Japanese cinema circuit, or will shape things to come both there and abroad in the new year.

    anime attack
    This month the live-action adaptation of Gantz and Redline headline Neal Molyneaux’s look at anime and all things Eastern.

    far from fragile
    Beau Smith continues his exclusive column for Impact, dissecting the comics universe, one crisis at a time...

    Our expanded multimedia section takes in the best new TV shows, reviews of departing favourites, books, dvds, blu-rays and seven pages of game reviews!

    next month
    ...and next month? Unbelievably we’re twenty years old! Yes, you heard us right! No longer a strutting teenager but a mature, responsible adult. Well... maybe. Join us for the likes of George Clooney, Alcatraz, more games, the usual best of eastern and western action and a look at 2011 as we prepare for some changes in 2012. See you then...

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