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    The official Indian Express app brings to you the latest news in English, breaking headlines, and live news notifications on-the-go. It is the best news app that gives you quick access to daily Bollywood news, India news, World News, Technology News, latest news on gadgets, Sports news, photos, videos and more. Download the Indian Express app now to watch LIVE TV and to experience podcasts, videos and photos from our extensive collection.

    Our revamped home feed gives you instant access to the latest news with an aggregated news experience across your most loved topics. This leads to better content discovery and performance, and also enhances the overall user experience on the Indian Express app through a clean, seamless and ad-free interface.

    The key features of the Indian Express App are -

    Express Stream - Experience beautiful and appealing visual stories from across the world

    Customise you home screen - Set your home screen to show the categories that matter to you the most

    City news - Select you city and get stay updated with the local news from your city

    Collated news experience - The new home screen gives you the best news across your favourite sections i.e Latest news, Opinions, Audio, Videos, Technology, Entertainment and Sports in India and across the globe

    Dedicated Audio/Video and Photos section - Experience the best podcasts, videos and photos from our rich library

    ePaper - Get instant access to our e-newspapers and magazines

    Text-to-Speech - Listen to your favourite stories on the go using this feature

    Offline Reading - Bookmark stories and read news in offline mode even without internet

    Night Mode and Fonts - Toggle to the dark theme for reading articles to reduce the strain your eyes. Also, choose a font size that best suits you while reading

    Swipe for Next - Swiping left & right from the article page gives you instant access to other stories for a seamlessly reading experience

    Share - Share stories with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email & more!

    Indian Express is one of the largest english newspaper website in India, with an expanding repertoire and rapidly expanding presence.
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