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    We’re proud to give our loyal readers an easy way to digitally access the Reading Merchandiser East. A new, simple-to-use app will allow you to read each edition in its entirety on your iPad.

    Now, when you travel, you can easily access your favorite local content written by the people you know and trust. Your out-of-town relatives can see the photograph of your child that appeared in the Reading Merchandiser East last week. And, if you move across the county, the country or even across the world, you’ll be able to keep up with your friends and neighbors in our area.

    Here’s the best part: It’s free.

    There’s no fee to download the app, and there is NO subscription fee to access a magazine.. Consider this our gift to you for years of loyalty and patronage.

    - You can see each edition of Reading Merchandiser East exactly as it appears in print.
    - The digital version will look just as it does when you pick up a hard copy. You won’t have to search to locate your favorite sections or columnists. You’ll be able to quickly and easily locate the information you depend on by simply scrolling through the pages.
    - You won’t miss any advertisements either. Everything’s there, including inserted sales papers and special notices.

    Yes, times are changing in the world of newspapers, and we want to ensure your hometown paper continues to meet your need for highly localized news and information.

    Perhaps the publisher of one of the world’s largest newspapers said it best.
    “Newspapers cannot be defined by the second word – paper. They’ve got to be defined by the first word – news.”
    We agree, and we hope you do, too.