Rihanna Newsreader




    Hello Rihanna Fans!
    This app is for every hardcore Rihanna fan who doesn't want to miss anything from Rihanna. This app will automatically notify you about all Rihanna Facebook news.
    Let me mention, that this app is not an official Rihanna app. It is just a free fan app!

    The Newsreader will work out of the box without your need to configure it. You can customize the Newsreader by pressing the Preferences button. Here you can disable or enable the Newsreader, you can change the Newsreader Interval and you can even customize the Notification sound and vibration.

    Like all apps, also this app needs some advanced permissions to work correctly. This app is designed to use as less permissions as possible, so here I will explain to you why the different permissions are used:

    - “Networking Permissions” are for loading the Feed data and ads
    - "Start at boot" will make sure you receive notifications about news even if you reboot your device. But don't worry it won't slow down your startup time. It will delay the first feed check about 5-10 Minutes after booting up :)
    - "Deactivate Standby, Vibrate", it will only deactivate standby, while updating, your device will go to sleep after that :)
    - “Read Phone State” to respect your privacy, I will only use a hash of the device id.