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    [ Chinese Style ]

    Ren Wei Chang, a famous Chinese painter, had drawn a series of block prints named "Thirty Three Knight-errant ". There are totally thirty three characters, and each of them has their own modeling and distinguishing feature.
    You will find the theme itself pretty special and traditional here.

    [ 12th Knight-errant ]

    This story was talk about a private general named Wang Jing Hong. One day, a precious pilot made by jade was missing. The emperor was very angry and asked every soldier must to find out who did it. One day Wang and his co-worker hold a ceremony; his has a slave who had talent and quick. Wang doubt that the slave was the one who stole the jade pilot. And the slave said that he knew who did it and will bring him to the emperor tomorrow. Then, he brought the thief and the thief also admitted to still the jade pilot. The emperor was very happy and wanted to give reward to the slave but the slave was already going back to his hometown. So the emperor gave the reward to Wang.