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    3D Pictures Live Wallpaper is a photo gallery for your phone's background that shows your pictures on interactive, rotating shapes in a 3D environment.

    Please note that this is not an app; it is a live wallpaper. To open the program, go to:
    Settings --> Personalize --> Wallpaper --> Live Wallpapers --> 3D Pictures Live Wallpaper --> Apply

    This is the free version. Download 3D Pictures Live Wallpaper PRO for major enhancements including:

    - Shuffle pictures!
    - Easy to set directory of photos. No typing!
    - Much higher quality when you set one of your pictures as the background.
    - Other additions and improvements.


    Slide your finger across your touch screen to move the forefront picture.

    Tap ONCE on an open area of your screen to scatter the pictures in the 3D space.

    Tap TWICE on an open area of your screen to stop the automatic movement of the pictures. Tap twice again to start them moving.

    Tap THREE TIMES on an open area of your screen to change the blurry background image. One of the options is to have no background.

    Tap FOUR TIMES on your screen to save a screen shot of the display. The image is saved to the Downloads folder on your phone or tablet. This is disabled by default to avoid unintended screen shots. To enable this feature, change the "Enable Screen Capture" setting.

    To set one of your own pictures as the background image, grab a shape for five seconds and the pictures will rotate through the background. Release the shape when you have selected the picture you want as your background.

    Please email to report problems or request enhancements.


    There are many settings you can change to suit your preferences:

    Number of Shapes --> Sets the number of pictures displayed to 6, 12, 24, 60, 120, 180, or 240.

    Picture Size --> Sets the size of the pictures in the display.

    Picture Speed --> Controls how fast the pictures move through the 3D environment.

    Background Image --> Sets the blurry background image. One of the options is to have no background.

    Gallery Directory --> See instructions below for loading a custom photo album.

    Collisions --> Sets whether the pictures bounce off or move through each other.

    Border --> Set the width and color of the border between pictures.

    Power Usage --> Live wallpapers might use more battery power than static wallpapers. Decreasing the drawing rate might help to conserve battery power. You can set the frames per second (FPS) to 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 (the default).


    You can load a specific photo gallery into the 3D Pictures Live Wallpaper display. The image album must already be in its own directory. People often create such folders with a file manager program from Android Market. It might also be possible to connect a phone to a personal computer and create a photo album directory by working through the PC's file explorer application.

    From the “Select Gallery Directory” option on the Settings page, a pop-up box will let you type in the full path of the directory. The folder location must use the Android file system convention as demonstrated by these examples:

    /mnt/sdcard/Sample Photo/

    If you receive an error message, please make sure the entire path is spelled correctly, and that you use forward slashes (not back-slashes). Also, check uppercase and lowercase letters. Some Android file systems are case sensitive.

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