80s Cartoon Sb: GI-Joe!




    80s Cartoon Soundboard: GI-Joe! Bring back Saturday Morning, 1980's style!! 18 GI-Joesound clips from the 80s cartoon show. 15 ringtone ready clips (Opening Themes from seasons 1-4, UK Action Force Theme, 1989 Theme, Average Joes Band and 2 versions of the end credits (Complete songs) & 3 great notification clips! The show was one big commercial with new toys coming out with each new show, with that in mind we also included 6 commercials from different years to get stuck in your head all over again!

    80s Cartoon Soundboard: GI-Joe! is the FIRST soundboard on the market that is fully controllable using user defined gestures!!!

    No more looking at the screen to hit the right button, just draw your gesture and the clip will play!

    All clips can be set as Ringtones, Notifications and now Alarms! Wake up just like you did in the 80s!

    To set a ringtone, notification, alarm or gesture, LongPress on the desired clip and select the desired option. (Note: Ringtones, Notifications, and Alarms require SD Card)

    Gestures can be deleted by LongPressing them on the gesture list.

    We have other modules that will work with this soundboard so you will be able to swipe left and right between your installed 80s Cartoon Soundboards! No more having to exit the app, open the launcher and opening the next soundboard.

    Compatible 80s Cartoon Soundboards:
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    ++many more coming soon

    App2SD compatible (Android 2.2+ Froyo required) takes just 236k on device. (NOTE: On some devices the external memory is too slow and may cause the follow issues: sounds only play for 1-2s, or you get an Application Not Responding error. If this happens more the app over to internal memory)

    Permissions required and why:
    android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Write ringtones, notifications, and alarms to external storage so they are available to the system.

    android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS - Set ringtone, notification or alarm as the active system ringtone/notification/alarm.

    android.permission.INTERNET - Show Ads
    android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Show Ads

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