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    A little history:
    ABSTRACT (from Lat. Abstraho - distract, exclude, separated) - a necessary condition for knowledge by forming "secondary images" of reality (its information models), in particular, such as perception, ideas, concepts, theories, etc. In the process of abstraction is selection and processing of information in order to directly replace this empirical way to another, this is not directly, but implied and thought of as an abstract object, and usually called by the same term "abstraction".
    HISTORICAL. The modern concept of abstraction goes back to Aristotle, according to which an abstraction - a method of deliberately one-sided study of reality, subjective mental acceptance of a separate and separately-reliance suschimi its parts. In principle, such reliance does not enter into "no fault" and objectively justified by a variety of properties (aspects) of the whole, sometimes so different that they can not be the subject of a science. Science, according to Aristotle, explores common, and the total known through abstraction. Therefore, abstraction, not only is the basic premise of scientific knowledge, but also "creates a science." In this sense, experience transient phenomenon is not important in itself, but in the extent that they are involved in some abstraction. Aristotle also featured empirical theoretical abstraction, believing that these are appropriate where comprehended the thought and the thought are inseparable from each other (as, eg., In mathematics, where the knowledge and subject matter knowledge is essentially the same).
    This epistemological concept of abstraction has not been, however, the development of any Hellenic-Roman nor in medieval philosophy. Scholasticism, including the Arabic-language neo-Platonism, the subject of abstraction has reduced essentially to the subject of universals, linking it to the Platonic notion of acide («invisible», spirituality), which corresponded to the philosophical thought, focused on logos, but not on the physis. When to replace the medieval "science book" came experimental science of modern times, theological and ontological view of the changed psychological abstraction: abstraction seemed now forced "activity of the soul" to develop common (generally valid) concepts necessitated by the imperfection of reason, unable otherwise to know (undivided), the "nature of things." And sensationalism and rationalism 17-18 centuries. were almost unanimous in saying that the "objectification" of abstractions not only obscures the facts of the examiner of real processes, but also leads to hypostatization fictional entities and meaningless concepts. Well-known expression of this position was the Kantian requirement of "fundamental excludability" for abstractions, if they pretend to have any meaning.
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