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    Exclusive for AIS’s customers
    AIS myCloud+ is the security application for mobile phones & data. AIS myCloud+ helps you recover your lost phone & secure data. Your data will be safe on a secure cloud even your phone is lost or stolen. You can remotely wipe the complete date from your lost phone

    Key Features of myCloud+
    - Instant sync : Backup contacts & pictures automatically when you create them on a mobile phone.
    - Easy to use with friendly GUI
    - Recover your lost mobile phone with the help of anti-theft features, which Do Not Need Internet connection. You can trigger these instructions by SMS. For example
    Lock: Remotly lock your lost phone to prevent misues
    Siren: Make your lost phone siren/scream
    Locate: Get the location of the lost phone via SMS.
    Capture: Get the photo of the people handling your lost phone
    SIM Change Alert: If your SIM is replaced, you will get alert with new SIM number & location details.
    Wipe: Remotely wipe data from phone, including SD cards.
    Hide Apps: Hide app icon so that it is not shown on the phone screen.
    Instant backup:

    Call List Management
    - Black List: Block calls from someone you don't want to talk with.
    - White List: Accept calls from the numbers in white list only.
    - Green List: Make calls out to the numbers in green list only

    Cross Platform Backup and Restore
    Easy to cross platform Backup & Restore Contacts, Message, Pictures, Videos and Documents to reliable servers. No worries of data loss, missues, etc when phone is stolen
    (iOS, Android, Windows, BB, Symbian และ Java)

    Compatible with Android 2.2 or later

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