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    "B" Letter is a cool Decoration Widget for your Device
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    1x1, 2x2 and 3x3 different size option!

    Decorate your screen with delicious little Sticky Widget.
    You can decorate your screen with the initial of your name.

    Sticky Widget purpose is to decorate your screen without having to change your background or theme.

    It's simple to use and won't drain the battery.
    I have downloaded and installed it. How do I set it up as a Sticky Widget?
    - go to your home screen;
    - long press to blank area on screen ;
    - select "Widgets";
    - search and select for " Widgets".

    This Decoration Widget is supported almost all the screen resolutions and all the Android versions from 1.6 to latest.

    "Note that the Android system allow maximum 4 letters in horizontal and 4 in vertical, so if you needs to make a name with more than 4 letters, write us by email and we will make a dedicaded sticker even with longer names, this will save also in the total amount!"

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    System Requirement:

    There are two requirements to use live wallpapers:
    1) compatible hardware;
    2) compatible OS.

    1) compatible hardware -- any phone that came with Android OS 1.6 or later should work fine.
    2) compatible OS -- Android OS 1.6 or later can use these widgets

    Developed by ID-TECH

    In English and most other languages that use the Latin alphabet, ‹b› denotes the voiced bilabial plosive /b/, as in bib. In English it is sometimes silent; most instances are derived from old monosyllablic words with the b final and immediately preceded by an m, such as lamb and bomb; a few are examples of etymological spelling to make the word more like its Latin original, such as debt or doubt. In Estonian, Icelandic, and in Chinese, ‹b› does not denote a voiced consonant; instead, it represents a voiceless /p/ that contrasts with either a geminated /pp/ (in Estonian) or an aspirated /pʰ/ (in Chinese, Danish and Icelandic), represented by ‹p›. In Fijian ‹b› represents a prenasalized /mb/, whereas in Zulu and Xhosa it represents an implosive /ɓ/, in contrast to the digraph ‹bh› which represents /b/.
    Finnish only uses ‹b› in loanwords.
    In the International Phonetic Alphabet and X-SAMPA, ‹b› denotes the voiced bilabial plosive. Variants of ‹b› denote related bilabial consonants, like the voiced bilabial implosive and the bilabial trill. In X-SAMPA, capital ‹B› denotes the voiced bilabial fricative.
    ‹B› is also a musical note. Its value varies depending on the region; a ‹b› in Anglophone countries represents a note that is a semitone higher than the B note in Northern Continental Europe. (Anglophone B is represented in Northern Europe with ‹H›.) Archaic forms of ‹b›, the b quadratum (square b, ♮) and b rotundum (round b, ♭) remain in use for musical notation as the symbols for natural and flat, respectively.
    In Contracted (grade 2) English braille, ‹b› stands for "but" when in isolation.

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