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    # Animals Sound for kids #
    Welcome to the Android Virtual Zoo and Wild Animal Park Soundboard and Ringtones App.Want to be transported to Africa or Sundarbans in India, every time your phone rings? This fun app includes unique and fun animal sounds. You can set these sounds as Ringtones, Notifications or Alarms. Educational Animal sounds for kids all ages on your Android phone. Press and hold on icon to set as ringtone, alarm or notification!
    We have created this FREE animal sounds ringtones app just for you. You can have an animal like tiger wake you up every morning with our customized Alarm sounds. You will feel one with nature right from the time you wake up. Let this Free Android app help you start the day right.

    Teach your kids sounds of various domestic and wild animals. This app will be a fun learning app for your kids in nursery, kindergarten, kg, preschool or for kids below 3rd grade. Have fun with various funny animal sounds and ringtones.

    Animal sounds Ringtones app lets you set sounds as Ringtones, SMS notification or for Alarm.
    Kids will have fun having their favorite animal sounds for Alarm or SMS notifications. Toddlers will have fun learning different animal sounds on your phone. You will put a smile in their face every time your Android phone rings.
    Enjoy these animal sounds!
    1) Completely Free Animals ringtones app.
    2) Very simple and extremely usable UI.
    3) Several pet animal sound effects
    4) Several Jungle animal sound effects
    5) Touch the animal you are interested in and set as ringtone sound or alarm sound or SMS notification sound
    6) Touch the test menu to test the sound effects

    Included the following animal sounds as ringtones:
    1. Cat Sounds Ringtones including an Angry cat and Happy Cat sounds.
    2. Dog Sounds Ringtones including Dog seeking attention and Big Dog Bark.
    3. Rooster Sounds as Ringtones to wake you up in the morning.
    4. Sheep and Goats sounds as Ringtones.
    5. Chicken sounds as ringtones to have make fun whenever you receive a phone call.
    6. Elephant sounds ringtones for people who love elephant.
    7. Horse Running Sounds as Ringtones.
    8. Dolphin sounds ringtones.
    9. Wild cat sounds ringtones.
    10. Lion Roaring sounds Ringtones.
    11. Bear sounds Ringtones.
    And Many More..

    Best of the Animal Sounds ringtones with huge collection and easy to use interface.
    We will be regularly updating this app.
    Please give back your feed back.
    Thanks for giving our app a try!

    Listen and Enjoy

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