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    40th Anniversary Series of NASA's Apollo Moon Missions (1969 to 1972)

    Marvel at the most complex and unique flying machine ever invented, the incredible Apollo Lunar Module (Lander), as it approaches and lands on the Moon. Includes additional interactive content of Apollo astronaut voice recordings and spectacular restored archival footage of the Lunar Module blasting off from the moon on the voyage home to Earth!

    Enjoy this spectacular series of interactive live wallpapers for your Android phone from restored, high-quality NASA archival footage.

    Collect the whole set and live the experience of the Apollo missions when man successfully walked on another world and returned safely to the earth!

    The Apollo 40th Anniversary live wallpaper series includes these exciting releases:

    Saturn V Rocket 1
    Saturn V Rocket 2
    Lunar Module/Lander
    On The Moon
    Lunar Rover 1
    Lunar Rover 2
    Apollo Moon Missions (Comprehensive)

    Interactivity: When the screen is touched, additional archival footage plays, along with matching sound recordings from the Apollo missions! Sound, volume and interactivity are fully configurable via the settings menu for your taste and desired operation!

    Compatibility: For all devices capable of live wallpaper functionality (Android OS 2.1+), but intended for devices with screen ratios as close to 16:9 as possible.

    Usage: Home Screen-->Wallpaper-->Live Wallpaper-->Apollo Series

    Suggestions Welcome for future updates!

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