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    feel and watch the calming scenery of autumn fall season on your android screen.the autumn fall leaves is a scenery live wallpaper featuring a retina wallpapers of beautiful and calming autumn fall season in a countryside surrounded by wood fence and shrouded mist with a falling oak foliage falling from the oak tree, perfect for welcoming the autumn season. while you were playing in the hot sun during summer vacation the trees on the streets, in the parks, and in the forests were working hard to keep you cool. Get this autumn live wallpaper and beautiful backgrounds now. to feed the shiny green leaves that make shade, trees use sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugar. this is called photosynthesis. now it's autumnal, and you're ready okay, almost ready to be back in school. those hard working trees, on the other hand, need to take a break from all that photosynthesizing. when leaves change color from green to yellow, bright orange, or red, you'll know that trees are beginning their long winter's rest. as the earth makes its 365-day seasonal journey around the sun, some parts of the planet will get fewer hours of sunlight at certain times of the year. in those regions, the days become shorter and the nights get longer.

    the temperature slowly drops. autumn comes, and then winter. trees respond to the decreasing amount of sunlight by producing less and less chlorophyll. eventually, a tree stops producing chlorophyll. when that happens, the carotenoid already in the leaves can finally show through. the autumn leaves become a bright rainbow of glowing yellows, sparkling oranges and warm browns. the amount of rain in a year also affects autumn leaf color. a severe drought can delay the arrival of fall colors by a few weeks. a warm, wet period during fall will lower the intensity, or brightness, of autumn colors. autumn leaves wallpaper. a severe frost will kill the leaves, turning them brown and causing them to drop early. as sunlight decreases in autumn, the veins that carry sap into and out of a leaf gradually close. beautiful scenery. a layer of cells, called the separation layer, forms at the base of the leaf stem. when this layer is complete, the leaf is separated from the tissue that connected it to the branch, and it falls.

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