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    This is a simple lock screen application, with which you can move the lock icon to the unlock image in the lock screen to unlock screen. and meanwhile, you can change the background of the lock screen.

    - Awesome Lock Screen uses your cell phone wallpaper as its background of lock screen
    - Various background provided
    - Drag down lock to unlock, and screen will be unlocked
    - Sound and vibration are both supported in this free app
    - This app is easy and simple to use
    - It is made for android cell phones and tablets

    Detail information introduction
    Lots kinds of background
    Awesome Lock Screen uses your cell phone wallpaper as its background of lock screen. In other words, how many wallpapers you have, how many background this app has.
    Please notice that live wallpapers cannot use as the background of this lock screen application. The last wallpaper will be used as the background when you are using live wallpaper in your cell phone or tablets.
    Sound and vibration effects
    Like many functional lock screen applications, this simple lock screen application provides sound and vibration effects. Awesome Lock Screen will use them automatically if you have opened them in the settings of this app.

    Usage instructions
    1. Lock screen by pressing the cell phone power key.
    2. Click the power button again and you will see the lock screen from this app
    3. Drag down the lock image to the position of unlock image to unlock screen
    4. In the lock screen, you still can see the date and time display, and the day of week.


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    A mobile wallpaper is a computer wallpaper which sized to fit a mobile device such as a mobile phone, personal digital assistant or digital audio player.
    Operating systems that run on smartphones and tablets typically use a lock screen which is gesture-based.

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