Baby Sounds




    Baby sounds for your sweet moments. Check them out, and use the ones you like as your ringtone sounds.

    Choose from 6 baby sounds categories for different baby emotions and play the sound. On the arrow on the right side click to use that sound as your ringtone, alarm or notification tone.

    All sounds in baby sounds app are realistic except the special SMS sound group, where are the coolest sounds specially chosen for notification sounds. Beside the most popular baby crying sound we also bring you very cute talking and singing, playing, laughing, sneeze and cough sections with awesome baby sound effects. Our team got help by group of moms that help in picking sounds so we deliver only the best ones to you, and make coolest app in this field. We promise to you that this app will make you smile and giggle. Just remember the first time you hold baby in your hands, and this app will remind you how cute was that. Also, baby sounds app is perfect for young couples that are expecting a baby, as they could find here everything that they can expect, and little more. You can also play with your babies and see how they react when they her unknown sound of other babies, and watch how funny that can be.
    list of functions:
    - play real baby sounds
    - choose sounds from categories
    - use all noises as a ringtone, alarm tone or SMS/notification tone
    - share via everything that your android device support
    - control sound volume directly from app
    - cool design and fast app
    Download now and experience the most adorable sounds of the babies
    Application is tested on major Samsung, HTC and Sony Xperia android devices and it is working smoothly and stable.
    User satisfaction is important to us. If you have any difficulties with the app, please contact us via e-mail

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