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    This soundboard is dedicated to 70's kung fu movies with the horrible dubbing ever. There are 30 sounds here for you to enjoy! No Jackie Chan, Jet Li or Bruce Lee here, it is all from cheesy kung fu flicks.

    The Quotes:

    1. I'm gonna bury you alive and jump on your head!

    2. You cheeky young bastard, I promise I shall take you myself!

    3. You chicken hearted bastards, get out!

    4. If it hadn't been for me using my kung fu, you guys would have nothing!

    5. Well you're both very brave men but you're also stupid! You come all the way out here just to be killed!?

    6. There's no point trying to leave until you've learned all your kung fu!

    7. Your luck has run out old man!

    8. No urinating on the wall. Any offenders will be prosecuted. Urinating is not permitted.

    9. You'd better say your prayers, you're gonna die!

    10. Hey brother, what's wrong with you? Why you so afraid of her? She's only a girl.

    11. Hurry! Hurry! They're killing people!

    12. Have no fear. Once I use my spells on him, we'll be able to get both of them.

    13. What the hell do you want!

    14. You there! Who the hell are you?!

    15. If you make any trouble, then you won't leave here alive!

    16. Young man, you're dreaming! Take me? You're joking!

    17. You're all gonna die now!

    18. How come you're still alive? You're supposed to be dead!

    19. My friend, you really are ask for it this time. How dare you kick me!

    20. Get your dirty hands off! Huh? What did you say? Get your dirty hands off! Or else, I'll bash your brains out!

    21. Hmm, so it's you again you bastard! You haven't had enough yet, you want some more

    22. God damn you, you dare mess with me! You'll be sorry that you were born!

    23. Your chicken's claw is weak. Your teacher was no good! The old idiot! We'll finish you! Right!

    24. I've met lots of fighters in my time but I never met one quite like you, come come come. I'll beat you with one hand. Using just one hand? Then I'll use no hands!

    25. Look! I may not know all that much, but what little I do know, is much better than your kung fu! You couldn't beat me!

    26. Let her go! She's not involved. I don't want her, only you! My god, and how!

    27. But it's not my fault, you started this! What???? You stupid son of a bitch, you gone too far, you needed a good lesson!

    28. Anytime of the year, I'm ready to eat dog meat.

    29. What's that? You really have asked for it. I'm going to cut you into pieces, with my sword!

    30. Stay where you are! Anyone make a move, you'll get a taste of my big iron rod!

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