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    This is a BIG ICONs Collection ADDON to Go Launcher to use BIG SIZE Icons, works now on ALL phones (HDPI / MDPI / LDPI). BIG ICONS WORKS WITH GO LAUNCHER EX 3.20+ in full size (112x112 pixels). Icons are not blurred when the icons are setup in "Custom 112px size" .

    Icons are increased by about 60% in size.

    .-=[ REQUIREMENTS ]=-.

    Needs latest version of GO Launcher EX installed to apply the theme. This APP is free and available throught Play Store.

    .-=[ APP2SD CARD ]=-.

    Yes. Must have Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) or Up to install on SD Card.


    - 166 Total Icons;
    - Crystal Clear, Not resized, Optimized for all phones HDPI, MDPI and LDPI.


    To use BIG ICONS the recommend columns settings must be 4 for all phones. But can be used 5 columns, but in this case the icons can overlap a little the adjacent ones, not too much.

    .-=[ APPLYING THE THEME ]=-.

    1) Install the BIG ICONS Theme Addon;
    2) Do not apply the Theme (Unless you want to use it). In this way you can use the BIG ICONS with your current theme just including the new BIG ICONS to it, without altering the other current theme settings.
    3) Just long press on the icon on the desktop and change the icon from the new Theme BIG ICONS, just this, nothing more. Works better with 4 columns setup, with 5 columns the icons can overlap a little the adjacent icons, but it´s ok too. You can also move it to the home screen folders and it will keep BIG inside the folder (only home screen folder).
    4) Icons with long text labels cause the Big Icons to have a stripe at the right, just rename the icon label to a short name and the issue is fixed. This is due to the blend effect of Go Launcher to text labels.


    Click on my Name profile to view all my themes and apps available.

    .-=[ CUSTOMER SUPPORT ]=-.

    If you need any help or wish to contact me, send me an email. I try to reply emails daily, if not possible I´ll reply in no more than 48hs. I do not reply emails in weekends, emails are replied from Monday - Friday.

    .-=[ ABOUT REFUNDS ]=-.

    Refunds are available for 2 hours, if you wish to cancel the order do it during this time. If this is a free theme you can cancel and try again several times. If it´s a paid application and you cancel it, the second time you order it no refund will be available.


    Please, sometimes the servers becomes really slow with so many requests, if this happen you can try another time. I have no control over this issue. Some patience is required when it happens.


    To help other customers, your comments and ratings are welcome and I apreciate it. Also, if you need any assistance, please contact me first.

    .-=[ UPDATES ]=-.

    All my themes are updated on a regular base to improve the theme with new features like more icons, wallpapers, etc. Requests for new icons are welcome.

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