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    BIG Launcher's review

    Published: 2012-08-20, by Manu Galvez.

    BIG Launcher is a homescreen replacement specially designed for the Elderly

    • Accessible interface
    • Large icons and font
    • Easiness
    • SOS Button
    • Nothing special

    "Are smartphones complicated? Then make them simple"

    Mobile phones evolve at the speed of light. Although there are still non-smartphones on the market, soon they'll be gone. For this reason, developers have to make an effort to adapt them to all audiences. BIG Launcher Team is one of the pioneers on making this real: they've developed a launcher for Android which change radically the appearance of your smartphone to adapt it to people with accessibility issues (specially the Elderly, people with bad sight or not really into new tech).

    There's only one homescreen which is a grid divided in 6 cells which are shortcuts to phonebook, messages, camera, gallery, app drawer and a configurable SOS button for fast-calling to emergencies. At the top of the homescreen there's a big cell that shows date and clock and it's a shortcut to alarm and date & time preferences. All the shortcuts are easily recognizable thanks to the large and explicit icons that can be set at the user's whim. What's more, the different menus are set with a large font and accessible interface. The app drawer is still there, the only difference is that it's a vertical scrollable list.

    The accessible interface and the simple but well-designed layout make it a real choice for people with accessibility problems. What's more, features as the SOS buttons are really appreciated. [UPDATE] Big Launcher has been enhanced regarding performance: now it runs smoother than it should and some new features have been added. Give it a go and discover them!

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    Aug 20, 2012


    A fast and simple Android interface for seniors and people with vision problems.
    Or even you, if you hate millions of icons.

    BIG Launcher makes the smartphone suitable for seniors, children, and people with eye diseases, motor problems or the legally blind. Visually impaired and technically challenged users can use the simple and easy-to-read interface with ease. There is no fear of making a mistake and losing everything with stress-free navigation. And it also features the SOS button which can save lives!

    Your new home screen
    The BIG Launcher replaces the user interface of any phone or tablet with Android 2.1 or higher. It is designed in consideration with seniors and the visually impaired to provide maximum readability and easy use.

    Enlarged icons
    Large buttons are easy to use - they are controlled by single touches, leaving no room for errors.

    Easy to use phone
    Access all the functions of the phone via a simple interface. No confusion, no complications. Large texts and color coded icons help you to easily distinguish between items.

    Well-arranged call history
    Quickly access favorite contacts from the menu or by putting them directly on a home screen. Browse through the call history and easily call back or reply with a message.

    Big font SMS editor
    SMS messages are sorted by conversations. Large font and color coding is used to display the message thread. Reply easily to any message with the easy to use SMS editor. Writing a message has never been simpler.

    Full screen notifications
    Optional full screen SMS notifications allows you to rapidly call back or reply to the message.

    Quickly run all your apps
    Use big shortcuts for your most used applications or find them quickly in the app list with instant search. Recently used apps are at the top of the list. Shortcuts like web bookmarks can also be placed on the home screen.

    Hide unwanted apps
    Hide the apps you don’t want to use to keep your app list clean. Useful for restricting access to those off-limit apps as parental controls or to protect users from getting lost in the navigation.

    100% accessible
    High contrast color schemes and three different font sizes allow you to use your phone without glasses. Additional color themes are available for download. Extended support for Talkback screen reader allows legally blind users to use their phone with ease and confidence.

    For elderly or kids
    Older people love the big battery and signal indicators, direct dialing of their favorite contacts and the SOS button with geolocation for the cases of emergency. Kids appreciate colorful backgrounds.

    Password protection
    Full screen mode and password protection prevent the users from getting lost or from deleting something important from the phone. This creates a completely safe mobile environment.

    Choose the features...
    Customize BIG Launcher easily to match your needs - set up an unlimited number of screens with apps, contacts, shortcuts or widgets. Swipe between them or use the buttons to group related functions.

    ...and pick a theme
    You can choose from many downloadable visual themes and icon packs to customize your phone. Also, every screen can have a different background.

    BIG Launcher is available in the following languages:
    العربية, english, bahasa melayu, bahasa indonesia, български, česky, dansk, deutsch, ελληνικά, español, eesti, français, hrvatski, עברית, 한국어, हिन्दी, italiano, magyar, nederlands, 日本語, norsk, português, português brasileiro, polski, русский, română, slovenčina, slovenščina, suomi, svenska, ภาษาไทย, tiếng việt, türkçe, 中文(简体字, 簡體字), ئۇيغۇرچه.

    This app requires a permission to read the phone status and identity because of the SMS/MMS functions. For more information about required permissions, please see

    Now includes really big dialer! Great as a senior phone! Also works perfectly on e-ink devices.

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