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    Published: 2013-08-14, by .

    Bitmado is a shuffling wallpaper engine fed by the community

    • Great idea. Original app concept
    • User-friendly interface
    • Facebook Connect
    • Runs smoothly
    • It should be more customizable

    "Meet the community's taste for wallpapers"

    This is a new app concept. It takes common elements from other apps like an empowered community and social profiles. However, this is a wallpaper-based social network (say... what!?). Yes, it can sound weird but it's certainly a great original idea. Let's see how it works.

    Bitmado allows users to upload wallpapers and submit them to community's plebiscite (voting). Wallpapers can obviously be upvoted or downvoted. Those wallpapers that get more votes hit the community's front page (top). Users can explore the tops or navigate through "mados" which are like hashtags (categories) of wallpapers created by users. Likewise, and here comes the most interesting point, users can follow wallpapers as they were people. This way, users can bookmark their favorite wallpapers. Followed wallpapers will shuffle automatically in users' smartphones and tablet home screen. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

    Joining bitmado community is as easy as signing up via Facebook Connect and start upvoting, downtvoting and uploading images. The more active you are in the community (voting and uploading wallpapers) the more "bumps" you'll earn. Bump promotes an image even more than an upvote. You can bump an image multiple times if you have enough bump-credit.

    Bitmado is set in an intuitive and user-friendly interface, with a Holo-style layout that makes navigation way easier. The apps runs smoothly and it loads the images quite fast. The tutorial help getting the hang of it in the blink of an eye. The only catch: it should be more configurable. I couldn't find a "settings" section where managing, for example, the shuffle frequency or the order wallpapers are displayed.

    Besides, a recommended app.

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    Manu Appszoom logo

    by Manu , Appszoom

    Aug 14, 2013


    Download bitmado and enjoy an endless supply of the world's hottest wallpapers!

    Bitmado, The Front Page of Mobile, is a battery-friendly “shuffling wallpaper engine” (yes, we’re coining that and rolling with it).

    What does that mean? Bitmado lets you:
    - Experience an endless supply of amazing wallpapers as users continuously submit new images.
    - Create or follow community-powered wallpaper categories (which we call “mados”) and only receive wallpapers that interest you.
    - Never worry about battery life with our effortless, instantly streaming wallpapers.
    - Contribute to the bitmado community by submitting and voting on your favorite wallpapers.
    - Find a wallpaper you like? "Stick it" and keep it on your phone for as long as you'd like.
    - Thanks to bitmado’s patented technology, you’ll only see the very best wallpapers!

    Whether you vote or not, we know you will enjoy the fruits of the community’s labor, and bitmado’s unique take on limitless shuffling wallpapers!

    Bitmado is here to revolutionize the front page of your mobile device. Check out some of our rave reviews:
    “...a brilliant idea and very well executed....” (4.8 / 5)

    "Bitmado is the perfect combination that consistently delivers amazing, shuffling wallpapers without draining your phone’s battery-life." (5.0 / 5)

    "....a refreshing take on the countless number of wallpaper apps available on the market..." - TechVela

    "Interesting app that merges 2 of the most used things in smartphones: social network and wallpapers..." - AndroidKi

    "...a great original idea..." - AppsZoom

    " app that you should have in your Android smartphone...." - TechGizmo

    "....a fun game-like experience that’ll keep you guessing..." - Best Android Apps

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