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    Do you need a multitude of time and weather related info on a single screen? Who says screen will get cluttered? Slap this skin on your UCCW widget and be amazed. This much info on a single widget has never looked so cool.

    == FEATURES ==

    • Pack contains two skins now.
    • Blocks - for Time, Date, Missed call count, current weather, Next alarm time...
    • Hotspot trigger for alarm, calendar, calls.
    • Blocks-Battery - for Battery status
    • Each info in its separate block; keeps things clutter free.
    • Important info in big fonts; one quick glance is enough.
    • You can change color and format of every part of the skin.


    To use this skin, you have to install, apply and edit/assign hotspots to the skin.

    1. Install -
      1. This is a skin installer. Launch the app and tap "Install Skin".
      2. Next screen, tap "OK" for "Replace app?".
      3. Next screen, tap "Install". When that finishes, tap "Done". Skin is now installed.
    2. Apply -
      1. You must have Ultimate custom widget (UCCW) 2.1.2 or higher installed.
      2. Place a UCCW widget of any size on the homescreen. You can do so by dragging the widget from app drawer or by long pressing homescreen to pull up widget menu.
      3. This will open the skins list. Skins downloaded from play store will show up ONLY HERE.
      4. Select the "Blocks" skin from here and it'll be applied to the widget.
      5. Repeat the step to place the 2nd widget of size 4x1. Select "Blocks-Battery" this time.
    3. Edit -
      1. After applying the skin as mentioned above, launch UCCW app itself. Tap Menu, tap "hotspot mode" and tap 'OFF'. UCCW will exit.
      2. Now tap anywhere on the uccw widget. It'll open in uccw edit window.
      3. Scroll through the components in the bottom half of the screen. Assign apps to hotspots in this window. This IS a MUST.
      4. You can change color, format etc too (optional) in this window.
      5. When done, tap Menu, tap "hotspot mode" and tap 'ON'. UCCW will exit.
      6. Your changes will now be applied to the widget.
    You can watch the steps in video below.

    • If the "Install" step fails; go to Android settings > Security and make sure "Unknown sources" is enabled.
    • To change temperature unit between Celsius and Fahrenheit -> Launch UCCW app itself. Tap Menu, tap settings. 3rd option from top is "Celsius". If it is selected, temperature will display in Celsius. If unselected, Fahrenheit.
    • If weather info is not displayed/updated, Launch UCCW app itself. Tap Menu, tap settings, tap location. Make sure "Auto location" is checked. If it is already selected, unselect and select again.
    • If your skin has a 'location' element and it is overflowing, manually set your location. Launch UCCW app itself. Tap Menu, tap settings, tap location. Unselect "Auto location", tap manual location and enter your city name, press ok.
    • Mail me if you have ANY issues.


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