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    100% of the money raised from this ribbon will go towards supporting blood donation services and advocating blood donation education.

    Since 2002, has been THE resource for promoting blood donation education and providing a volunteer made directory of all the centers in the United States and Canada. Show your support of giving blood by purchasing this sticker app that proudly says "I Support Blood Donation".

    Here are the top 3 facts on blood donation on why it is so important:

    3. A serious car accident requires the amount of blood from 50 people!
    2. Cancer patients need blood from 8 people every week!
    1. Every 2 seconds someone in the USA needs blood!

    Why people volunteer their time...from author Michael S. Williams.

    Continuing a Legacy

    Airman Tamarias Pope is one of the rare people with AB- (AB negative) blood, he didn’t like needles, but he still gave a blood donation. When he was visited by the Korean girl, You Jin Pak, to thank him for his blood donation. Ms. Pak had leukemia and needed the transfusion to get better, her blood type is very rare in Korea. Through organizations, she was able to get transfused with Airman Tamarias Pope’s AB- donation. In an interview, despite his loathe of needles he was happy to do it all over again.

    Promote the Cause

    Kamenna works in a management consulting company. She has worked with Red Cross whenever she’s assigned to organize a blood drive event. As the organizer, she realizes conducting a blood drive event is a reason to demonstrate their humanitarian commitment for the community. It’s understandable if donating money during this financial crisis is too difficult. The corporate citizens can still make an impact by managing a drive that can save a lot of lives.

    Hunter Denton didn’t fully realize how much his blood donation meant to people who receive it, he didn’t find out until his accident. When he woke up in ICU and was told he received 2 units of blood because of internal bleeding, a busted spleen and broken ribs; it dawned onto him how much those 2 units meant to him. He will continue to donate blood, this time with a heart full of conviction that it saves lives.

    Hunter had this to say, “It all goes back to the individual person making one decision to give blood. That one decision, it being small, has a potential to change someone’s life”

    There is NO substitution for human blood when it comes to operations and treating a whole host of diseases. Don't let blood shortages become common place, support blood donation because you never know when you might need it!

    Also, if you want to donate more to this noble cause, please visit and find our about us page to learn more about how you can help.

    But, most importantly, spread the word about blood donation and we all benefit.

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