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    Bust Boredom with Kid Crafts

    “I think I'm more bonded, emotionally and in a craft sense, to films that tell extraordinary stories about extraordinary destinies.”

    Kids crafts and children’s art provide hours of kids fun for parents and children. Find art projects and craft ideas for kids of all ages to do at home. Parents will love this easy tool for children’s arts and crafts with step by step instructions


    **What are kids craft?

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    ** 9 Tips for Creating the Perfect Kid Craft Area

    1. Make it inviting. The most important factor in creating a kids art space is that it must be inviting. Bold colors and a well organized space will draw the kids in and comfy chairs and a variety of materials will keep them there.

    2. Keep it well stocked. After being drawn into the space, there should be a variety of activities and supplies that will keep their interest. Markers, stamps, glue, glitter, ribbon, paper, stickers, envelopes and scissors should be enough to get them started. I also like to add anything unusual that I collect from the rest of the house. Empty cereal boxes and package peanuts are garbage to adults but children welcome them like little found treasures.

    3. Kid friendly surfaces. Easy to clean flooring, like linoleum and wood, make the clean up a snap. If your floors are carpeted and changing them isn't in the budget, you can add a large piece of vinyl found at home improvement stores under the table to catch the spills and drips

    4. Keep it bright. Be sure to add good overhead lighting as well as task lighting. Ikea has some very good lighting options that are not only inexpensive but also stylish.

    5. Easy accessibility. All of the supplies should be easily accessible. If it takes a lot of work to get stuff out they won't even bother. Baskets, clear containers, small bowls and vintage muffin tins all make good storage options.

    6. Use peg boards. Peg boards make perfect backdrops to an art area. Not only can you add a variety of hooks and baskets to them but you can also paint them to make them look even more inviting. Be sure to keep a space between the wall and board so your hooks slid in and out easily. Adding a two by four to the back's top and bottom should do the trick.

    7. Creative displays. Every good artist needs a place to display their work. This frame was painted directly on the wall, making it the ideal place for older children to show off their work while keeping with the theme of the room.

    8. Large display areas. Cork boards and magnetic boards are also ideal places to display art. They are especially good for the kid who likes to make many pieces of art a day.

    9. Clean it up. Children don't mind cleaning up if it is easy to do. Open bins and containers make it a snap to for the children to toss in the items left over. Make sure you have a garbage can near by so scrap pieces don't get thrown in with the rest of the supplies. I also added a small dustpan and brush set to our area as well as an all natural cleaning spray and paper towels.

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