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    Bound - Original, Unique individually made HD icons ‘bound’ between Chrome.
    My aim for this icon-pack was to create something different, something unique something that stands out from the usual ‘square icons’, ‘round icons’ or ‘icons with a shadow’. If your craving something new , BounD is for you.

    I have several guidelines when making a pack:
    1) Each icon must be individually made to ensure it is as good as it can possibly be.
    Batch processing icons is all well and good but despite saving development time the results are never as good. My packs take a lot of time to create, I invest that time because I have high standards, BounD had roughly 60 hours of development time.
    2) The icon-masker is critical, I design the icon-mask first to ensure the icon theme can be carried through. As a user you have every right to expect EVERY one of your icons to be themed and to look as close as possible to the custom icons. I believe I have some of the best icon-masks in any packs on the playstore due to the consideration I put in at the early design stages.
    3) The user should have choice, icons are a personal thing and we all like something different. For this reason I include ‘Picker’ icons in all my packs and for BounD I have added some ‘Colour Pickers’ too. You may not like them, you may love them, but you have a choice! There’s also 20 HD wallpapers of my own design with some nice textures and colours.


    ~ HD Icons bound between Chrome bars
    ~ Contains 525 Custom Hi-def Icons
    ~ Fully featured app interface with wallpaper picker and auto-apply on most popular launchers.
    ~ Icon mask support to theme all icons in your drawer
    ~ Supports Icon-shader to increase brightness/contrast of 'masked icons'
    ~ 20 HD Wallpapers of my own design, various textures and shades.
    ~ XXHDPI Tablet support
    ~ Nova/Nova Prime/Apex/Apex Pro/ADW/ADW ex/Holo HD/SS Launcher
    ~ These will NOT work on your standard phone launcher !!
    ~ These will NOT work properly on Go Launcher or Holo + !!
    ~ Multiple Choice Icons with ’Icon-picker’ support (Nova and Apex only)

    If you have a request,feedback, or tips please email me, I'll respond to EVERY email guaranteed:

    Any problems you have can also be discussed via email and I will be glad to help you in any way I can – Please contact me before leaving any negative reviews, if you don’t ask I can’t help !

    Compatibility / Installation:

    The creators of these launchers all have varying ways of executing an icon change and the functions they allow; whilst the icon pack is fully supported by all, some aspects of this pack will only work on certain launchers:
    Nova / Nova Prime ~ Full iconmask, iconpicker and iconpack support.
    To Install - (Nova Settings>Look and Feel>Icon Theme)
    Apex / Apex Pro ~ Full iconmask, iconpicker and iconpack support.
    To install - (Apex Settings>Theme Settings>Select Iconpack)
    ADW ~ Full iconmask, iconpicker and iconpack support.
    To install - (ADW Settings>Themes>Select Iconpack)
    ADW Ex ~ Full iconmask, iconpicker and iconpack support.
    To install - (ADW Settings>Themes>Select Iconpack)
    SS Launcher ~ Full iconmask, Iconpack support
    Holo / Holo HD ~ Full iconmask, iconpicker and iconpack support.
    To install – (Launcher Settings>Appearance Settings>Icon Pack)
    Next ~ Manual application only
    TSF Shell ~ Manual application only

    Tip - some launchers allow you to increase the icons size, this looks great with these icons but some launchers require you to ‘Re-Select’ the iconpack AFTER resizing...

    Please leave a review on the playstore if you like my app, it really helps.
    More updates to follow soon people.....

    Massive thanks to The1Dynasty - A genius plain and simple.
    Also big thanks to Dori for beta testing - your a star!

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