Brainy Droid Live Wallpaper




    Animated Droid Live Wallpaper. YOU CAN ANIMATE IT YOURSELF IN THE APP!

    Bart Simpson (new) make him do the Bartman...
    Simple Android with combat & plain skins
    Toilet Roll Man Model

    NOTE: If you are a 3D Modeler than contact me and Ill convert your models for this app.

    Force Close error fixed (due to loading large custom images)
    Animator now shows box and axis for the selected body part
    Import/Export Animations to SDCard (Why not send me some of your animations? if they are good I will include them in the next version.
    New Models can be downloaded from the web
    Skinning each model can (or will) have different skins
    Gravity / Accelerometer when in your live wallpaper the android/object moves with your phone.
    Lighting you can now change the position (or disable) lighting
    In the Animator you can now take screenshots which are saved to the sdcard in the BrainyLiveDroid directory

    In this BRAND NEW VERSION you can start the app and animate the droid yourself, moving body legs head arms etc.. in a mini animation studio with keyframes and lots of other goodies..

    Once you have set up some animations you can set certain actions to display your animation.. For Example: when you click on the top left it does a karate kick, and when you slide left its spins round like superman and fly's off

    Plus you can change the texture of your droid and background simply select from the gallery.

    You can supply two images for the background the top one (A decaying layer) will slowly break off pieces as your battery level goes down revealing the image behind it.

    Use the link below to get to an example of the texture layout to skin your own droid.

    Uses OpenGL graphics to display this Live Wallpaper, and the animator studio, if you have an older device it may still work but some features may be disabled..

    COMING SOON: Different models, email me with requests, first one will be a gingerbread man ;)

    NOTES: If you add/change images and you cant see them turn the screen off then on, it should reload then reload them.

    When using your own textures make sure they are not too big they should be 512x512 (due to OpenGL) the program will automatically convert them to this size but if they are too big you may get an out of memory error.

    If you are having "Force Closing" issues then contact me..

    eMail me with feedback..

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