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    Check out these 26 background photos from world renowned San Diego Photographer Briana Gray. Briana uses different forms of media as well as sounds to make her paint jump out of your phone and into your life.

    Briana Gray attended Brooks Institute of Photography, the number one photography school in the USA, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Advertising. Although Briana enjoys her professional shoots for architecture and product, her passion lies in fine art. Briana has always been inspired by every day beauty -such as flowers and leaves. She regularly seperates everyday things from their natural environment to force the viewer to appreciate them differently than they would otherwise. In addition to isolating objects, she often gives them movement. Her most recent series is her "Paint Monster" series. Each image is a macro shot of several drops of colored that are placed on a sheet of latex that is stretched across a speaker tube. The paint responds to the music's vibrations by leaping and twirling, creating patterns and organic looking sculptures.

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