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    The Fantastic tool to manage your Income & Expenses and keep track of your Day to Day expenditures along with the income.
    Will help the every user to analyze his Income & Expenses which will help to categorize the Expenses and plan the same with the available periodic Income.
    miApps - Budget Manager is a personal finance management software loaded with features designed to help you manage your money accurately and efficiently. Budget management is made easy with the help of user-defined income and expense budget categories, budget projections, and budget versus actual comparison reports. calculation of net income over any given period of time, two distinct methods for managing your budget.
    With budget projections, you can now tell exactly when and how much you are planning to earn or spend on any budget category. This is very similar to using the old envelope budget `system.
    Budget Manager contains the useful menus such as Add Expense , Add Income, View Expense, View Income, Analysis and Calculator.
    Add Expense menu allows you to add your expenses including date, mode, amount, type and description. Additionally you can use your device camera at running application to take picture.
    Add Income also have same fields as Add Expenses that stores your income with useful information.
    Analysis shows the details of income whereas Expense analysis shows the details of expenditure.
    Calculator provides the additional functionality to the application to make calculations easy.
    With so many personal finance software products on the market today, why have we decided to create yet another one. The answer is simple; although it is true that the number of personal finance software products on the market today may appear excessive, none is perfect and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some provide enough features to make you dizzy just by looking at their user interface. Others have a very clean user interface, but are missing some of the most basic features that any one needs to properly manage their personal finances.
    After trying the vast majority of the most popular personal finance software products, we have concluded that it was almost impossible to find the one with what we believe to be the right balance between simplicity, features and reliability. Take time to try this, you too will agree that Budget Manager is one of the best personal finance software products on the market today.
    The user interface in Budget Manager is unique. With its tree view structure that allows you to easily browse through its major elements (accounts, budget categories ), finding the information that you need in Budget Manager is intuitive, quick and easy.

    In the hi-tech world in which we live today, it is hard to imagine anyone planning a budget and keeping track of their expenses without the help of a personal finance software. However, the reality is even much worse. Most people know how much they earn but hardly have any idea how much they spend.
    What a user can do
    The first step towards debt elimination and financial freedom is knowing where your money comes from and where it goes. The next step is to setup a personal or family budget and stick to it. Fortunately, for those who are serious about controlling their budget, using a personal finance software like Budget Manager can make all the difference in tackling this daunting task.Once you know where your money goes, it is easy to see where you overspend and where you can save. Budget manager allows you to setup a budget plan and see how well you do in following it with the help of Actual versus Budget comparison reports

    Managing the Money
    When speaking about personal money and family budget, we need not only "something which can count" but also something handy, flexible and easily understandable. It's Budget Manager, the software which meets the highest standards of personal finance solution.

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