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    Interesting facts about Butterflies:

    Butterflies are a relatively young group of insects. They appeared about 60 million years ago, much later than the cockroaches and dragonflies, as determined by fossils in amber. Among the detachment mikrocheshuekrylye - the oldest group, they are traditionally referred to as primitive moths.Some species have not changed much since the days of their ancestors. Scientists have even isolated melkokrylov a special suborder primary toothed moles. The primary call them, as they stand at the origins of the evolutionary chain of butterflies. Toothed - for the fact that, unlike most butterflies mouthparts which are converted into a spiral proboscis for sucking nectar melkokryly of the proboscis have not. They feed on pollen, literally gnawing her mandibles (teeth), as do bugs or cockroaches.The more developed the butterfly - leaf, paltsekrylki - have a more complex structure. To get food for the caterpillars of the future, they need to flutter between plants. Therefore, these moths and flying better: they successfully resist the wind, they need less strokes to develop speed.

    In miners, who often need to flutter in the air, in the course of evolution has developed a single device. On the wing of the butterfly into a wide fringe of long hair-like scales, which allows you to stay in flight. And creep into the crevices does not prevent: alone flakes easily fold up and hide under a narrow front wings.However, such large size butterfly device loses its effectiveness. So in other mikrocheshuekrylyh changed rear wings - their area has become more, which increased by flapping. Wide rear fenders are usually fan-folded and pressed against the abdomen, and the top hide behind the front wings, which, as a rule, have cryptic coloration. So does the majority of moles and other more developed butterflies.Initially caterpillar moths held secret natural niche.

    This varied coloring, and all sorts of thorns and hairs covering the larvae. Outdoor lifestyle, not limited by the walls of refuge, let multiply the size of individuals. It gradually emerged makrocheshuekrylye, that is day and night butterflies whose dimensions are measured in centimetres. Butterflies - one of the largest orders of insects, which includes about 140,000 species. They are common around the world, but are especially abundant and diverse in the tropics. In Russia lives a few thousand species of butterflies, many of which are associated with the forest. Most of the butterflies light-and heat-loving and prefer sparse areas and the edge. Less heat-loving species live in moist, well of closed forest.Butterflies play an important and sometimes decisive role in the life of the forest.

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