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    Butterflies live wallpapers

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    With Butterflies live wallpapers you will see a succession of images of butterflies in HD that will gradually changing on the speed of your choice:
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    Butterflies have two pairs of membranous wings covered with colored scales, which use in thermoregulation, courtship and signaling. Their mouthparts are of type proboscis (see insect) having a long snout which is coiled (proboscis) which remains coiled at rest and that serves to suck the nectar from the flowers they pollinate.
    The male courtship is very variable in the different families of the order, but basically displays and the production of sex pheromones. With flight maneuvers males to females cover the smell of these pheromones. After mating the males can prevent the female has a new copula plugging their genitalia with a sticky secretion.
    Its development is holometábolo: the egg hatches a larva or caterpillar is transformed into pupa and this will lead to adult. Larvae, unlike the adult provides a chewing type mouthparts, most of the larvae are fitófagas. Furthermore, we distinguish lepidopteran larvae of other insect because they have a series of 5-false legs sínfitos Hymenoptera those having 7 or more, the end of the abdomen, which in some cases leads to their walk either as an accordion alternately opening and closing. The moths are terrestrial insects and only occasionally some larvae are aquatic.

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