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    In Call of Duty: Black Ops when playing in multiplayer the ranks are unlockables earned at each level, and the experience needed to advance to each level.
    The ranks are achieved by playing the multiplayer game, each level has a unique rank which is been shown at each level.

    We have put here the all 50 ranks to downlaod so that you can understand what ranks are present in the game.
    You can see it while playing through the game.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops goes up to prestige 15 though instead of 10, in case 10 wasn’t hard enough for some of you freaks out there. The whole thing reminds me of WoW grinding, but longer.. ugh!!

    Here is a list of the what you unlock on your way to the god like rank of prestige 15.

    Rank Level 4 – Create a Class
    Rank Level 5 – Contracts
    Rank Level 6 – Clan Tags
    Rank Level 8 – Game Mode Challenges
    Rank Level 10 – Killstreaks, Killstreak Challenges, Playercard Emblems
    Rank Level 13 – Combat Records
    Rank Level 15 – Medal Challenges
    Rank Level 16 – Gun Emblems
    Rank Level 19 – Gun Tags
    Rank Level 20 – Elite Challenges
    Rank Level 22 – Camouflage
    Rank Level 25 – Custom Reticules
    Rank Level 28 – Custom Lenses
    Rank Level 30 – Final Challenges
    Rank Level 31 – Facepaint
    Rank Level 50 – Prestige Mode

    Once you unlock Prestige Mode, you can turn in your levels for a prestige and start back at level one. You repeat this process all the way up to prestige 15. Here is the list of what you unlock during prestige mode.

    Prestige 1 – Custom Class 6, Prestige Leaderboard
    Prestige 3 – Custom Class 7
    Prestige 5 – Custom Class 8
    Prestige 7 – Custom Class 9
    Prestige 9 – Custom Class 10
    Prestige 11 – Face Tattoos
    Prestige 13 – Clan Tag Colors
    Prestige 14 – Golden Camouflage
    Prestige 15 – Prestige Playlists

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