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    ★★ Camouflage HD wallpapers & Military camouflage wallpapers ★★

    When you think of camouflage the first thing that come to mind are probably the Olive lifetime or mottled green camouflage or maybe think about a kind of fabric with a touch fat like cardboard.

    But thanks to modern technology, the use of modern materials research and the need to adapt to changing environments and situations about war today we have a variety of camouflage are developed for the best performance for the environment they were intended. In the modern army each soldier has different uniforms and will be the type of camouflage that best fits the mission that has to develop. Let's look a little closer more types of camouflage used in different hosts for their effectiveness.

    1. Woodland Camouflage

    This is probably the most popular camouflage and used and a type of camouflage that everyone knows. It is the classic mix of brown and green in different shades. This camouflage attempts to copy the pattern of a dense forest with different colors and shadows formed by branches, leaves, stems, etc .... It is a camouflage that is already used for many years but research and experience has taught that it is the best kind camouflage for use in all circumstances.

    2. Desert Camo 6 colors - Desert Camouflage 6 colors

    The Desert Camouflage 6 colors, dubbed by American soldiers how Camo Chocolate Chips was first used in Somalia and more widespread in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. The typical woodland camouflage did not serve in the environment of deserts and sandy color of adobe homes in Iraq and Somalia. Thus was invented this type of camouflage shades of brown, brown, and black and appear to a desert environment. The type of material used in the uniform also changed to a mixture of polyester and cotton in order to withstand the high temperatures and facilitate transpiration.

    3. Tri Color Desert Camo - Tri-Color Desert Camouflage

    In recent operations soldiers in the Middle East have changed their uniform colors 6 colors a 3 is even better for the environment in which they operate. The 3-color camouflage contains brown, beige and brown camouflage soldier allowing almost perfectly in the deserts of Iraq for example. The fabric of these uniforms is 100% cotton which improves even more sweat and endurance to the extreme desert temperatures.

    4. ACU Digital Camouflage - Camouflage ACU Digital

    Recently another type of camouflage has made its entry into the U.S. Army and other countries. To imagine the ACU Digital thinks about the game Tetris with blocks falling and the pattern with the different colors are mixed. For green and brown tones are mixed in this type of camouflage as if jurisdiction pixel digital camera creating a type of camouflage very universal and multifunction adapts well to different environments and situations. Use in experiments and missions has shown that this type of camouflage is well suited to environments not too dense forest with clear, desert, and also in urban environments. It is the perfect solution but the best available for many different environments where the soldier has no chance of changing even as mission and environment because the missions are developed simultaneously in different environments. This is one of the best uniforms for use in Spain and other Mediterranean countries where there are many different types of environments where suddenly the forest changes into a ravine, a people or a sandpit.

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