Cellular Life Wallpaper




    A live wallpaper celebrating cellular automata, which are kind of like 0-player games; this is perfect for a background that you don't interact with.

    The colors change slowly in hue, going through the rainbow in 6 minutes if it doesn't get reset.

    1-dimensional binary:
    A line is generated, and the number and position of the neighbors determines which cells are going to be alive in the next row.

    1-dimensional totalistic:
    A line is generated, and placed on the screen. Then a new line is computed, and placed below it. Watch a variety of patterns emerge.

    Generations. This is similar to the life engine, except that the cells now have a number of states that they can go through. As always, there are a bunch of different rules, which include how many states there are and when cells progress through the states.

    Julia Set Fractals:
    A point is randomly chosen, and then a Julia Set is iteratively drawn, revealing various details of the fractal.

    Large Neighborhoods:
    Cells now interact over longer distances, up to 10 spots away.

    Watch the green dots come into being, live, and die. A ruleset is chosen randomly every time the board is reset. The most famous rules are "Conway's Game of Life", but other famous rules are included as well.

    Dots move around the screen, and interact based on a variety of rules.

    Random Wires:
    A wire is strung around the screen, and then a single pulse is started down the wire. Watch as it spreads to encompass the entire screen.

    One color of dots try to move right, and then the other color of dots try to move down. They can only move if there is a black square to move into. Note: any resemblance to your morning commute is purely intentional.

    Weighted Life:
    Whether a cell survives or is born depends on the total value of the neighbors, with e values being dependent on their position.

    Weighed Generations:
    Whether a cell survives or is born depends on the state and position of the neighbors, with weights for states and positions.

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