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    Interesting facts about Chrysler:

    Chrysler , an American car company , specializing in the production of passenger cars brands "Chrysler ", " Dodge ", " Plymouth ", " Eagle ", etc. , trucks, "Dodge" , pickup trucks , as well as a variety of accessories . There are financial and technological department corporation; manufactured electronic and aerospace products . The headquarters is located in Auburn Hills (Michigan) . Since 1998 the company merged with the corporation "Daimler -Benz " in a single concern " Daimler -Chrysler ".History of the Chrysler Corporation has substantially completed. Relatively recently merged with Chrysler and Daimler -Benz was born Daimler-Chrysler Corporation . So Chrysler has lost some of its independence , but not lost their identity . Past the corporation is certainly noteworthy. For several years, Chrysler has managed to break into the Big Three and has firmly taken its place there .Today, Chrysler is the third among American car manufacturers , second only to Ford and General Motors. Car brands such as Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Eagle and, of course , Jeep, long gained enormous popularity among consumers. Market - mainly North America , but it should be noted that even in Belarus there are more cars, representing Chrysler .

    It is said that Chrysler was so intrigued by the very structure of the machine that had to disassemble and assemble before learned to drive . As you can see , the first machine was impressed , because two years later settled in the Buick Chrysler , and in 1917 was president and CEO of the office General Motors. Another two years later, Chrysler became the vice president of production at General Motors, however, remained in the position for long. It is known that two people with strong administrative skills are rarely able to get along together. Soon between William Durant ( president of GM) and Walter Chrysler had serious disagreements . The conflict came to the point that Chrysler , finding himself sufficiently secured , retired in 1920. His talent did not go unclaimed , and soon Walter worked on the original position of the reducing agent companies. At first, he was approached Willy-Overland to help get out of the financial crisis, then the invitation came from the Maxwell Motor Car.

    All acquisitions were extremely successful . Prices for De Soto and Plymouth ranged from 670 to 725 dollars. Thus, the machine could not even buy a consumer with a low income , which greatly expanded the market. At the same time , getting the Dodge , Chrysler and acquired a reputation for being a reliable manufacturer . It was created by the famous Dodge Brothers car that was able to drive into the Grand Canyon and go back from there . Already by 1929, Chrysler became a member of the Big Three . However, the company was hit hard . We are proud representatives of Chrysler pointed out that , despite all the difficulties and forced to reduce production costs , spending on science and research does not become smaller. It really helped the corporation in 1933.

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