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    This clock focuses on the core features you would expect from a clock - giving the time and alerting you, while showing a clear and beautiful clock.

    Key Features:

    - Beautiful, clear and customizable clock
    - Supports 24H mode as well as AM / PM
    - Schedule alarms based on time and weekday
    - Won't ring when you are on the phone - but alert you afterwards instead
    - SNOOZE function (5 minutes duration)
    - Android DayDream Support (requires Android 4.2+)
    - Acceptable Android-Permissions (we neither want to read your contacts nor do we connect to the internet - for details see below)
    - Completely ADVERTISING-FREE

    Android-Permissions explained:

    [Read Phone State]
    If you are on the phone while an alarm is scheduled to go off, it would be quite annoying to have it ring at that moment.
    To be able to able to smartly alert you after your call has ended, we need this permission.

    [Run on Device Start / Boot completed]
    When you reboot your device, all alarms you have set are cleared by the Android-system automatically.
    To make sure you get alerted when you need to, we need to re-enable them after reboot. This permission allows us to do just that.

    Please send comments, bugs, suggestions and criticism to - thanks!

    *Planned* Features:
    [Note: We will start working on the next update once we hit 1000 downloads of this App!]

    - Analog clock faces
    - Selectable Alarm sound per Alarm
    - Selectable SNOOZE-Durations
    - SureWake (make sure you are awake by solving a little test to disable the alarm)
    - Setting: Show seconds in clock
    - Widget
    - Stopwatch
    - Countdown
    - Interface improvements
    - Automatically show clock when device is docked (if desired)

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